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Take a Captain's seat of the 80-ton jet plane

Discover the secrets hidden behind the cockpit door

Look at the world from the perspective of pilot

Boeing 737-800 now in your hands!


Flight in our simulator is a kind of an unique experience. There is no other attraction that can be compared. You do not need to have any license. Regardless of the level of aviation knowledge, at AirPoint everyone can take Captain's seat! Our instructors make sure that you take off safely and easily return to the airport.
Can you land in a perfect way?

899 PLN

BE A CAPTAIN (120 mins)




Something that has been available so far only for a small group of people, thanks to us becomes available at your fingertips


Dreams of rising into the air have always been with us. Amazing experience, adrenaline, and above all so plesant and giving great satisfaction sense of freedom. All this makes flying has always been and will be absolutely unique.

People are able to fly into any part of the world today, but only a few can take a Captain's seat of a passenger plane. Something that has been available so far only for a small group of people, thanks to us becomes available at your fingertips. AirPoint is a place where everyone can feel like an airline pilot.


More than 24 000 available airports. Almost 600 switches, buttons and lights. 1 to 1 real B737 cockpit. 189 passengers onboard on you and your skills.

WHY B737?

Without a shadow of a doubt Boeing 737 is the most popular aircraft in the sky. If you have had the opportunity to fly a plane at least once in your life, there is a good chance that you were flying B737.


3 HD projectors and 180-degree curved screen with a diameter of 4,5 m - this is our guarantee of an amazing impressions and uniqe sense of realism.

In our simulator you can face various emergency situations, as well as any weather conditions that are current to the area in which the plane you are flying is currently at.




"It was the first time I could feel like a real airline pilot. Perfect experience, plus the time spent with great service and in a very nice atmosphere."
"Today I flew the first 2 hours. Very nice service, my experience has been enriched with new skills, I had a great time. I will definitely come back."
"A great adventure and fulfillment of childhood dreams. I recommend above all aviation enthusiasts."
"A great place! Great service - full professionalism. The perfect combination of the gallery and the simulator. I will add that the flight in the simulator takes place over Warsaw, which only improves the experience and arouses additional curiosity!"

BOEING 737-800

Boeing 737 is the world's most popular narrow-aisle medium-range passenger aircraft, which has been produced in many versions since 1967.

This is the most-ordered passenger aircraft of all time: up to now, almost 12,000 have been ordered, and more than 8,000 have been delivered. Boeing 737 is so widespread that at any time more than 1250 of these machines are in the air. On average, every five seconds one 737 machine takes off or lands somewhere in the world. In 2013, the monthly production rate was 38 units, and in 2014 it increased to 42 units per month.

The Boeing 737-800 took off for the first time on July 31, 1997 from the airport in Renton, Washington

39,5 m
35,7 m
12,5 m
Max take-off mass
79 010 kg
5 665 km
Cruising speed (CAS)
340 kt
Take-off speed
155 kt
Landing speed
145 kt
Max # of passengers
189 osób
Cruising altitude
35 000 ft
Fuel usage
2 526 kg
Max amount of fuel
21 000 kg


In our simulator we use professional sceneries of the Drzewiecki Design company.


Here you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions

When Airpoint is open?

AirPoint is open 5 days a week. You can find the hours at the bottom of our site. In special cases (pilots training or business events) dates are set individually and may go beyond our standard schedule.

How realistic is the flight in simulator?

Our simulator is a 1 to 1 cockpit of the Boeing 737-800. All panels, on-board instruments and pilot's seats look and act exactly like a real airplane. The audiovisual system, specially designed for this purpose, makes the flight extremely realistic - during maneuvers you get the impression that you are really in the air.

Is the simulator certified?

No. In order to ensure the availability of the simulator for the widest possible audience, we did not initiate the certification process of our device (FNPT1, FNPT2, etc.). Nevertheless, our simulator meets virtually all requirements for this process.

Is there any age limitation?

The minimum age is 8 years. This is the only age restriction.

Is there a requirement for a dress code?

We recommend footwear with flat soles. Cockpit is one of those places where, for example, sneakers have an undeniable advantage over spike heels :) Too loose items of clothing, which may make it difficult to use individual devices in the cockpit, are also not recommended.

Is aviation knowledge required?

The idea of our project is to meet the expectations of all stakeholders, including people who do not have aviation knowledge. Our instructors will share the necessary tips and will ensure that the flight provides the participant with the greatest satisfaction.

Who is flying the plane during the session?

Each participant takes the captain's seat and controls the whole plane. Our instructor, sitting on the right seat, assists in flight, gives guidance and intervenes only in situations that demand it.

Do I have to book a flight?

Due to the nature of the service, we recommend that you book your flight in advance via the online booking system, which is available on our website. Of course, the flight can also be bought at our place, but in this situation we cannot guarantee the availability of the simulator at given time.

How can I book my flight?

For standard packages offered on the website, please book your flight through the online booking system. In order to organize an event or in case you want to rent a simulator for a certain number of hours, please contact us at info@airpoint.eu.

Does the simulator work in the VATSIM network?

Of course! For the virtual pilots, the simulator was also prepared for flights in the VATSIM network. In order to use this option, please contact us in advance.

How long are the vouchers valid for?

All vouchers available in our offer are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase.

Is it necessary to arrive earlier?

Bearing in mind the specific simulator booking schedule, as well as due to the specificity of the service you should arrive no later than 15 minutes before the flight, which will allow you to calmly prepare and read the basic information and instructions. In case of late arrival, the flight in the simulator due to organizational reasons will not be able to be extended.

Can I choose my own flight scenario?

Beginners are encouraged to use standard scenarios prepared by our instructors. People looking for additional impressions can indicate the airport, weather conditions, as well as failures that they would like to face. For this purpose, please inform us in advance.

Is it possible to change the reservation?

Each reservation can be modified up to 24 hours before the flight. To do this, log into our online booking system or contact us via email (info@airpoint.eu) or by phone.

Who can support me during the flight?

Each participant during the flight can be accompanied by family or friends.