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OFFER FOR COMPANIES - integration and business events
01. Integration events
02. Business events
03. Promotional meetings

Recommended duration of the event: 2,5h
Scenario optimized for a group of up to 12 people
The organization of events is also possible outside our standard days and opening hours.

The price and conditions are set individually.

For more information, please contact us by email:
Take a seat at the controls of an airplane - the most surprising and original idea for an event for your company
AirPoint is a place that changes the current way of looking at corporate events, giving you the opportunity to organize the business event of the highest flights - figuratively and literally. Our space will be perfect as a place for, for example, presentation of a new product or service, while Boeing 737-800 (in Warsaw) or Airbasa A320 (in Kraków & Gdańsk) simulator will provide exceptional emotions to be remembered by all participants. The event program can be tailored exactly to your needs and expectations.
Sample scenario of your company event in AirPoint:
  • Space for the exclusive use of participants
  • Catering
  • Thematic meeting with a special guest (optional)
  • Briefing with initial instructions for all participants led by our pilots
  • The best landing contest
  • The rating of each landing by our pilots and the selection of the participant who coped the best
  • Awards for the event winners

  • OFFER FOR BUSINESS - exclusive business gift
    A flight at the controls of Boeing 737-800 or Airbus A320 - a business gift for your partners
    Our flagship proposal is the BE A CAPTAIN Package. This is a 120-minute package. Its main assumption is to experience a day in the life of an airline pilot. The package includes a complete pre-flight briefing, flight plan setting based on real weather conditions, as well as a full flight on the selected national route with all procedures and checklists through which pilots must get through in reality. Such a gift is a guarantee of inaccessible experiences and huge satisfaction after a successful landing, which is a real challenge for every participant.
    We offer:
  • Gift vouchers: BE A CAPTAIN, 60 MINUTES, 30 MINUTES, 15 MINUTES Packages
  • The possibility of personalizing gift vouchers (content, dedicated graphic version)
  • The choice of the form of the gift and the way of its packaging
  • Negotiated terms with larger orders